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Wherever you go in the world you will find that Redemptorists live very consciously out of a similar awareness and a similar set of relationships. Obviously, these relationships are important to us, so we would like to tell you about them.

Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the world
The Most Holy Includer (Feast: 3rd Sunday of July)
Our Saints
St Alphonsus Liguori 1696-1781 Founder, How much people matter (Feast: August 1)
St Clement Hofbauer 1751-1820 Apostle on the move (Feast: March 15)
St Gerard Majella 1726-1755 Celebrant of life (Feast: October 16)
St John Neumann 1811-1860 Bishop and innovator for the Gospel (Feast: January 5)
Our Blessed
Blessed Genaro Sarnelli 1702-1744 Liberator of the abused (Feast: June 30)
Blessed Peter Donders 1809-1887 Missionary extraordinaire (Feast: January 14)
Blessed Francis Seelos 1819-1867 The happy pastor (Feast: October 5)
Blessed Kaspar Stangassinger 1871-1899 Guide to youth (Feast: September 26)
Our Martyrs
Blessed Methodij Dominik Trc ka 1886-1959 Martyr (Feast: August 25)
Blessed Mykola Carneckyj 1884-1959 Bishop and martyr (Feast: June 28)
Blessed Zynovij Kovalyk 1903-1941 Martyr (Feast: June 28)
Blessed Ivan Ziatyk 1899-1952 Martyr (Feast: June 28)
Blessed Vsevolod Velyckovskj 1903-1973 Bishop and martyr (Feast: June 28)
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
(Feast: June 27)

The Australian and New Zealand Redemptorists thank our Canadian confreres for use of the videos on Redemptorist saints, blessed and martyrs.