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BrotherhoodConfrere” is the everyday word Redemptorists use when speaking of each other. It literally means to be “brother with” or my “with-brother”. For us it is a precious word, a warm word, a word of pride in one another, a community word.

Wherever Redemptorists go in the world, we can rely on the warm reception of the confreres. Even among confreres we have never met, it feels like being with long-lost brothers. There is a rather deep with-ness in being in one another’s company. It is good and it is a gift we give to one another and receive from one another.

Behold how good it is and pleasant where brothers dwell as one
- Psalm 133:1

Our cultures might be different and so might the ways we express our calling among the poor. We will sometimes be speaking different languages, our own and those of the peoples among whom we live and work. Yet, there is an underlying joy in being among confreres who joined the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer

so as to bind themselves totally to the work of the Gospel and to the perfect practice of apostolic charity, for this is the very purpose of the Congregation.
- Constitutions of the Redemptorists, No. 46

Our lifestyle is summed up in the word confrere, for the confreres are the ones with whom we share our lives and our mission.