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Each Redemptorist community in Australia and New Zealand is emboldened by the love, loyalty, faith and generosity of many good friends. These lay women and men stand by us through thick and thin. They professionally and graciously partner the Redemptorists in research, mission, management and hospitality. Some of them accompany us in the care of aged confreres.

Carolyn Wignall’s story

Carolyn-WignallI started working with the Redemptorists when my youngest started at school, my family is now all grown up and settled which sounds like quite a long time.  I guess it is.

My contribution within the community has changed over the years and at present I look after a broad range of areas, mainly the business office and coordinating care for our elderly Priests and Brothers.

The role I play is a rather unique blend of keeping the day to day activities up and running and, more importantly, assisting the older members of the community. 

It’s just like being a mother - making sure the bills are paid, everyone has clean clothes to wear, something nice for dinner and ensuring those who may need a little extra help are looked after. 

Every day is different, just like in any normal family. Some days do not go as I may have planned but at the end of the day, all is well. I find my contribution most fulfilling as the diversity of community needs and the variety of each day keeps me on my toes. There is the added benefit of enjoying the company of the Redemptorists.

(Carolyn Wignall)