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Over the years, the Redemptorist mission in Australia and New Zealand has been the recipient of people’s time, money and land. Those who have blessed us in this way are our benefactors. Some of them we know and are able to thank. Some have remained anonymous.

It is likely that many benefactors of the Redemptorists have never seen the results of their generosity. That is something they share with Redemptorists, for in our itinerant ministry we often do not see the results of the preached Gospel. In both cases we realise it is all God’s work. The Redemptorists and our benefactors are but the servants of God’s reign.

Nevertheless, we laud those who have been so generous to our mission and we are always grateful. Each Redemptorist community holds in prayer its benefactors, both living and deceased.

The Galong story

Galong-HouseThe Redemptorist monastery and retreat house, three kilometres north-west of Galong in New South Wales, is on property the Redemptorists acquired through the good grace of John Nagle Ryan and his extended family. The Galong Ryans are among our most significant benefactors.

By the terms of John Nagle Ryan’s will, Galong Castle and 800 acres was bequeathed to the Cistercians of Melleray in Ireland, and in the event of the monks not accepting his offer, to the Redemptorists of New South Wales.

The Cistercians did not take up their claim, and in 1917, the property came to the Redemptorists.

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That God’s grace and favour rest upon all our benefactors;
Lord, graciously hear us.
That God raise up to eternal life all our deceased benefactors;
Lord, graciously hear us
(A daily prayer of Redemptorists)