Kalangan Road Galong NSW

A Mission of the Redemptorists

The House

When we look at St Clement’s today, we are immediately conscious of the large red brick building which has embellished the surrounding countryside for nearly a hundred years. The Monastery, which includes the Retreat Centre, is named after the Austrian-born Saint Clement Hofbauer (1751-1820). He joined the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer while Saint Alphonsus was still living but never actually met the saintly founder. He was the first non-Italian Redemptorist and is responsible for the spread of the Congregation beyond the Alps into Europe and the New World.

Galong House known locally as 'Galong Castle' was left by Ned Ryan's son to the Cistercians, who took one look at the parched dry land and took flight. Following their refusal to accept the inheritance, the Redemptorist's had second choice and in 1917 they took possession of the land and it became a college for the religious training and secondary schooling of aspirants to the Redemptorist life.

St Clement’s at Galong became a home for the Redemptorists in 1917, when 'Galong House' and its surrounding 800 acres, the home of "Ticket of Leave" convict Ned Ryan, was left to them by his son, John Nagle Ryan M.L.A.

From 1918 to 1975 St Clement’s was a registered secondary College. Over 2000 boys were part of that history. Some 250 Redemptorists and diocesan priests were trained here. The college closed in 1975 and its doors have been opened as a popular Retreat Centre. It is a joint ministry currently being run by the Redemptorists and the Sisters of St Joseph, Goulburn.

The place is rich in history. A book "King of Galong Castle" The Story of Ned Ryan 1786-1871 has been written by Fr Max Barrett C.Ss.R and is available. Price $20 plus postage.