Kalangan Road Galong NSW

A Mission of the Redemptorists


The Galong Labyrinth is modelled on the 11-circuit design found inlaid on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France. The base of the labyrinth is constructed from red granite quarried in Canberra. A local bluestone has been used to mark out this ancient pathway.

The labyrinth has a long history, going back thousands of years. The labyrinths found in Medieval cathedrals provided pilgrims, who were unable to travel, with a way of journey to distant holy places.

Walking a labyrinth is an intensely personal endeavour. There is nothing that is supposed to happen. Perhaps the most compelling reason for the labyrinth's popularity now is to be found in its capacity to allow us to see ourselves for who we are are, and to accept what we see. The journey can be divided into four movements: on the threshold, journeying, the resting place, journeying out.

In this world of high pressures, many of us are looking to take time out to look inside ourselves and discover another meaning to our lives.