Kalangan Road Galong NSW

A Mission of the Redemptorists


The Friends of St Clement's was created to help people support the future of the Monastery.

St Clement's has always had a special place in the lives of many because of its quiet isolation, its silent beauty and its closeness to the rhythms of nature.

The overall plan includes an environmental approach to the care of the surrounding landscape and improving the water quality of the meandering creeks and streams.

By becoming a Friend of St Clement's, you are helping to keep Galong as a heritge icon and as an environmental sanctuary. You can do this either by adopting an established tree and so providing for its care and ultimate replacement or by planting a new tree in the many groves to be established.

The tree will be your title to become a Friend of St Clement's. It can also be a gift to:

  • celebrate a birth or marriage
  • remember a loved one
  • mark a birthday or anniversary
  • become a friend of the environment

All trees will be recorded on a database, indicating the name of the donor/recipient and the location of the tree within the sanctuary and a gift card is available upon request.

To adopt or plant a tree and become a "Friend of St Clement's", please contact us.