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Redemptorist Vocation

Fr. Joseph Do Tuan Anh C.Ss.R.

I wanted to be a missionary, so I joined the Redemptorists. At the time I knew nothing about them. I was just presuming I could serve God among this particular band of men.

Joseph DO Tuan Anh, C.Ss.R. It feels like it was a coincidence. Years later as a Redemptorist I know I am in the right place. My story is obviously more than a coincidence; it is one example of God guiding me, even if it is just one unclear step at a time.

With the Redemptorists I have found brotherly love.  I have found a common desire to serve the poor and abandoned. I have experienced God’s redemption in my own life, something I had not always appreciated.

Life invites from me a response. It calls me to share with others what I have come to know – the saving love of God. It invites me to do this among the poor and abandoned.  I would love society’s outcastes to know their Creator’s joy and their Redeemer’s gift.