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Life of Service

By Fr. David Hore C.Ss.R.

As a young boy, I was intrigued by the men who would come periodically to my home town. They would have us sitting on the edge of our seats with their vibrant preaching. They were the Redemptorists, and they frequently came through the country areas where I lived.

Fr. David Hore, C.Ss.R. and parishioner In 2004, I was ordained a Redemptorist priest in my home parish of St Patrick’s, Gympie, Qld.  Cairns Bishop James Foley, a former parish priest of Gympie, was the ordaining bishop.  It was a celebration for parish, family and friends, and of course the Redemptorists.

I chose an artistic representation of Jesus washing his disciple’s feet for the memento card of my ordination. For me the ‘washing of the feet’ is a reminder of my vocation to serve.

  I recall the bishop’s words at my ordination. "Ordination is a brave step”, he said. “It goes against the mood and culture of our times. At its best priesthood has always been counter-cultural." The bishop went on to say that the Redemptorists "have a fine tradition of good preaching and the sensitive care of souls."

Since ordination I have been stationed at the Redemptorist Community and Church in North Perth. From Perth I’ve spent a year in the Diocese of Geralton, a year in the Diocese of Port Pirie, and a year in the Diocese of Townsville.  These three years I have shared with my confrere, Fr. John Martin, C.Ss.R. We went out, as the Gospel says, ‘two by two’ to the isolated rural areas in these dioceses.  We shared with the people the Good News about Jesus and reminded them how much their lives matter.

As I write these lines I am with another confrere, Fr. Patrick Corbett, C.Ss.R., and we are preaching a mission among the people of Toowong in Brisbane. This is my life of service.  This is my vocation.