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God’s mysterious ways


By Fr Joseph Vu Ngoc Tuyen C.Ss.R.

Joseph Vu Tuyen, C.Ss.R.

In my experience, the Redemptorist Congregation is like a big family.  It transcends regions, countries, languages, customs and cultures. I feel at home where ever I am in the Congregation.  

I grew up in Vietnam and that is where I joined the Redemptorists. When I transferred to the Australian province it was a big change.  But from the first day I felt I was still part of the religious family that I knew in Vietnam. I remember the warm welcome I received when I came to Australia and took up residence with my confreres in the Kew community, Melbourne. I’ve felt similar warmth in the other Australian communities. It seems to me religious life is a preview of the whole imperfect human family sitting down with God.

There are a variety of ways to consider the meaning of a vocation.  In my case, I reflect on the grace God gave me in bringing me to religious life in a missionary congregation. I know there is a call from inside my person; it is to do with God’s relationship with me.  I know there is a call from outside, the call of the poor and the forgotten. Somehow these two calls have coalesced and brought me to the Redemptorists.

It was near the end of my secondary schooling that I first felt the call to join the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. To this day I do not fully understand how it happened. Yet, through the joys and struggles of religious life, the call is still with me. I know it as an invitation from God in his poor.

I don’t know where the call is leading me, but I strongly believe God is with me, and I know my confreres are accompanying me.  In the end it is about our mission to those on society’s margins. In their lives and mine God is bringing all good things to completion.