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In today’s world there are many unusual doors. People are so interconnected through modern technology that doors open in every space, including cyber space. Obviously not every door in human experience leads to a fuller life or a more just world. But many do. Millions of people now share their lives through Internet video. Of these some share their convictions about life and about what they believe will bring in the justice for which the world yearns.


                                  Lord, open the unusual door
- Old Song

Could God be bringing together through modern technology the desire for goodness that lives in so many hearts? Might God be inviting the world to share what it believes is good and just? What if God is creating a new humanity through the shared insights and convictions of people across the world?

Near the end of his novel, Just above my head, James Baldwin speaking through one of the book’s characters says: "The song does not belong to the singer. The singer is found by the song. Ain’t no singer, anywhere, ever made up a song that is not possible." He hears something.

It is the hope of the Redemptorists that the archived videos you find here, gleaned from around the world, may accompany you as you hear something. In turn they may encourage you to share what you have heard. And that would be a blessing too!