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The Yarra Institute

The Yarra Institute for Religion and Social PolicyThe Yarra Institute for Religion and Social Policy explores contemporary social issues from an ethical point of view, while drawing on the deep scholarly resources in church and community groups more broadly.

The Yarra Institute brings a new research capability about the role of the faith and religion in shaping social policy in Australia. Members of various church groups, but particularly from the Anglican, Catholic and Uniting Churches, are involved in the direction of the Yarra Institute.

The Institute Board members are well known scholars and include Rev Dr Stephen Ames (chair), Dr Wes Campbell, Drs Therese and Jim D'Orsa, Dr Rowan Ireland, Dr Peter Price, Dr Robyn Reynolds OLSH and Dr Paul Rule. Dr Bruce Duncan CSsR has been appointed Director.

Map of Australia The Yarra Institute is sited in the graduate Study Centre at the Yarra Theological Union in Box Hill, one of the Recognised Teaching Institutions within the Melbourne College of Divinity.

The Yarra Institute also shares responsibility for promoting and running social justice courses within the Melbourne College of Divinity.

Though the Yarra Institute springs from the Christian milieu of the Melbourne College of Divinity, it seeks to explore and promote relationships with other religious and philosophical traditions, including with the great non-Christian religions, especially from the aspect of social ethics and human wellbeing.

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