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Mass of St. Alphonsus

New musical settings to accompany the revised Mass texts

The just released Mass of St. Alphonsus is a fresh musical setting of some of the texts that are prayed by everyone during the Mass. The texts are taken from the new edition of the missal.

Redemptorist, Fr. Paul Bird is the composer of the Mass of St. Alphonsus. He is a musician and liturgist experienced in leading community prayer. As a missionary moving around Australia he has joined with many parishes celebrating Mass with them.  He therefore has a keen awareness of what is possible in the average parish and what encourages people as they pray the Mass together.

In the composer’s notes Fr. Paul says “I have composed the music so as to be easily sung by parish congregations. The melodies of all the pieces are similar which makes them easy to learn.”

This elegant and simple Mass is named after St Alphonsus Liguori, the founder of the Redemptorists. St Alphonsus was a bishop and doctor of the church and he was also a musician who composed popular religious songs to help people express their praise and love of God.

Click HERE to go to the Mass of St. Alphonsus feature page where you can

  • read the composer's notes
  • find audio files of cantor and organ for listening and free download
  • purchase the sheet music for organ and guitar accompaniment