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Faith response in the Ukraine

Bishop Peter Stasiuk CSsRFor many the current conflict in Ukraine appeared to come from nowhere. In people’s minds the success of the recent winter Olympics and the emphasis on the upcoming G8 meeting in Russia had consigned the old cold war rhetoric to history’s dustbin. As for the Orange Revolution - in people’s memories it was quickly fading.

But behind the scenes another scenario was unfolding.  Political unrest has been simmering across the Ukraine for months. So, when protestors went into the streets and the president had fled to the Crimea, a stream of cold war rhetoric erupted. Some of the old cold war’s attitudes were once again front and centre.

The mainstream media has provided an historical overview of the events leading up to Russia’s recent occupation of the Crimea. But the deep religious faith of the Ukrainian people that has guided and tempered the protests has not scored a mention. An important part of the story has been missing.

In Melbourne recently, Bishop Peter Stasiuk, Eparch for Ukrainian Catholics in Australia and New Zealand took up this missing part of the story. In the podcast below the Redemptorist archbishop speaks about the crisis in the Ukraine and the place of faith in the people’s response.

Click to download a PDF of one Bishop Stasiuk recent addresses on the crisis in the Ukraine