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OMPH International Congress 2017

Icon of Compassion: Our Mother of Perpetual Help in the 21st Century -Redemptorists Celebrate the 150th Jubilee with an International Pilgrimage Congress in Baclaran.

Invoking the theme “Icon of Compassion: OMPH in the 21st Century”, the international event invites hundreds of pilgrim-participants from all over the world to a five-day series of discussion, sharing, pilgrimage and independent expressions of the devotions and the mission inspired by Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

Fr. Ino Cueto, Joint Commission 150 Convenor, reveals that this particular affair sets its sights on moving the Icon and the Devotion to OMPH onto the realities and challenges of the world today. Presentations cover a spectrum of topics meditating the history, role and significance of the devotion vis-à-vis issues of globalisation, poverty, peace and other emerging concerns. Providing cultural highlights to the event are screenings of independently-produced films harnessing the power of the new media for evangelization, the premier of an original musical entitled “Miercoles”, and a solidarity night engaging participants to a delightful sharing of harvests from their own local cultures.

Over 400 pilgrim-participants have joined the event at the National Shrine in Baclaran. Recognized as one of the most popular Perpetual Help Devotions in the world, Baclaran provides a significant backdrop to the pilgrimage.

Common will be providing recaps of the day's events. To view these recaps, like their facebook page or follow Common on youtube.

Day 1 Recap