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Social Justice Statement 2017-18

Social Justice Statement 2017-18 The heart of Catholic social teaching is on full display in this year’s Australia Catholic Bishops Social Justice Statement; Everyone’s Business: Developing an inclusive and sustainable economy.

Redemptorist contributor to the document, Fr Bruce Duncan, says that it looks closely at growing inequality and poverty in Australia, and how distorted economic policies have caused increasing housing stress and homelessness.

Everyone’s Business also strongly endorses Pope Francis’s campaign

  • to help mobilise efforts to tackle global warming and protect the environment;
  • focus concern on global poverty and hunger in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals;
  • and reform the unjust results of globalisation.

The document recognises that everyone has a role to play securing a prosperous and peaceful future, using our skills, insights and opportunities. For better or worse, our generation has a unique and unprecedented responsibility for the wellbeing of future generations.