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The passing of John Airey - Vivat in aeternum

Fr John Airey CSsRSome of you will know by this stage of the death of our  brother, John Airey, rector of St Clement’s Retreat & Conference Centre. His passing has brought both shock and sadness, particularly to all who were close to John, not least the confreres in New Zealand and Pat O'Neill, Sue Rolfe and the staff at Galong.

John was in leadership much of his life and was the last superior of the Region of Aotearoa New Zealand. He was energetic and generous participating in the journey to us becoming the new Province of Oceania. A symbol of his awareness and sensitivity in a new but fragile province was his volunteering to lead the community and mission in Galong. From the beginning of his appointment it was always his and the  council's understanding that he could return to New Zealand at any time. In his short time at Galong he grabbed the place with both hands and with the Manager, Sue  Rolfe, did much to further its life.

John loved Galong and was looking forward to celebrating with us all Galong's centenary in 2018. In a sense his return to Galong brought his CSsR life full circle. Those that knew John would no doubt have enjoyed his humour, take on life, and dedication to the Congregation. Many of you will have witnessed similar. With John what you saw was what you got. He was transparent and in that sense was grace among us. Vivat in aeternum.