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World Day of Prayer 2018

This year’s world day of prayer has a special significance for the Redemptorists and their partners in mission. The World Day of Prayer is an international ecumenical Christian laywomen’s initiative. It is run under the motto “Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action,” and is celebrated annually in over 170 countries on the first Friday in March. The movement aims to bring together women of various races, cultures and traditions in a yearly common Day of Prayer, as well as in closer fellowship, understanding and action throughout the year.

The World Prayer Day 2018 is organized by women of Suriname, the country in which Blessed Peter Donders CSsR worked for 45 years.  The Republic of Suriname lies in the north-eastern part of South America bordering Brazil, Guyana and French Guiana.

Blessed Peter Donders practiced the classical seven works of mercy there in an outstanding way, visiting the slaves and working with people with leprosy in Batavia, a town in Suriname.

Today, Suriname finds itself confronted with the threat of pollution by (bauxite and gold) mines, both legal and illegal.

The Redemptorists join with the millions around the world praying for the ecological conversion of the masses to protect our common home.

World Day of Prayer - Suriname 2018

Genesis 1:1-31

As in the beginning, God created from chaos. But everything that was created found its place in creation. All were related to each other – the earth with the light, the waters with the sky, the tree seeds with the living creatures, and the humankind with God. None could exist without the other, and the source of all was God.

There was goodness in that integrated system of relationships. But essential to that was the commitment to care. And we know that we are failing!

Women from Suriname lift up their voices to remind us that we are caretakers of God’s creation! They are bringing to our attention the urgent need for caring at a time when more than 180 countries have signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. A commitment to keep the earth cooler depends on public policies implemented by governments, but also on our personal lifestyle.

As one of our Guiding Principles affirms “prayer is rooted in listening to God and to one another.” Through the worship service, we listen to the multicultural and multi-ethnic people of Suriname. They take us to their communities and through their concerns. History is before our eyes! The flora and fauna are remarkable! The everyday life is weaved into the prayers.

How good is God’s creation? That is the question to meditate and respond to with a personal commitment to care for creation. But it can also be an opportunity for the WDP motto “Informed prayer and prayerful action” to be affirmed in the community. What is it that we, as the WDP movement, can do to keep God’s creation good?