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The Redemptorists of Oceania have celebrated the ordination of Fr Hieu Nguyen, the first of six men from the congregation to be ordained to the priesthood this year.

Fr Nguyen was ordained by Melbourne Auxiliary Bishop Terence Curtin at Holy Eucharist Parish, St Albans in Melbourne on Saturday June 16. Fr Kimy Ndelo, Redemptorist Leader of Indonesia, was a special guest.

The ceremony in front of a large crowd also included the ordination of three men to the diaconate. They were Mark Chia, Timo Tapoona and Lovin Lolo.

Fr Nguyen celebrated his Mass of Thanksgiving at Holy Eucharist the following day. At the Mass Fr Michael Mason CSsR spoke of the character of those being ordained, including Fr Nguyen who was determined to follow his vocation despite early hardship.

“Lord Jesus, we thank you in this Thanksgiving Mass for calling Hieu to be your priest, and Timo, Lovin and Mark to serve your poor as deacons,” Fr Mason said.

"Our new priest Hieu struggled against poverty for many years, selling ice cream from his bike so he could pay to stay in high school. He had heard the Lord’s call and was determined to follow it.”

Fr Mason also paid tribute to another Redemptorist, Ngoc So'n Nguyen, who was also supposed to be ordained to the priesthood but was unable to return to Australia because of visa difficulties. “So’n is bearing his predicament with calm courage and good cheer. He ‘shakes it off’ and keeps working towards his goal.”

Five more men will be ordained to the priesthood for the Redemptorists by Ballarat Bishop Paul Bird CSsR on November 24 at St Pascal's (OFM) Yarra Theological Union chapel at Box Hill.