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Western Samoa

samoaIn 1972, at a time when there were fewer Samoan clergy than there are today, the New Zealand Redemptorists went to Samoa. Their mission included a parish on Savai. From that first Redemptorist community, Fr. Patrick Hurley C.Ss.R was consecrated bishop, an auxiliary to Cardinal Pio of Apia.

Fr. Peter Brown, C.Ss.R, a member of the Redemptorist community in Samoa, on his return to New Zealand, served Auckland’s Samoan Catholics for ten years as their chaplain.

A number of young Samoans have shown interest in joining the Redemptorists. Two of these have been ordained to the priesthood. Fr. Felise Lemi was ordained in Auckland in 2000 and Fr. Leo Ugapo in Somoa in 2001. They are currently serving in the parish at Clover Park.