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A Mission of the Redemptorists

Monastery & Church

Our Mission

The Redemptorist Monastery and Church exist to form a community of disciples who will continue the mission of Christ to bring Good News to this modern world. We take our inspiration from St Alphonsus who sought out the poor and most abandoned of his time to tell them the Good News that they mattered to God. In the same way, we seek to be a community of equality, diversity and inclusion. We reflect the same mission as that of the woldwide Redemptorist Congregation and that of the Province of Oceania.

Mission of the Redemptorists in Oceania

In the mostly secular societies of the province the Redemptorists of Oceania, encouraged through their contemplation and learning, bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those on society's margins who are deprived of their spiritual, familial, cultural, economic and environmental foundations.

These include

  • original peoples
  • peoples on the move
  • youth

The Province of Oceania takes up this challenge through the joyous witness of its multi-ethnic communities:

  • by listening to everyone and above all to the most abandoned;
  • by preaching and teaching the Gospel;
  • by forming inclusive communities for mission;
  • by nourishing God's people on their faith journey;
  • by accompanying and seeking justice for those estranged from their roots;
  • by promoting the Gospel through electronic and print media;
  • by engaging the secular in each of its missions.