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Second Station

Jesus accepts the cross

On that back torn by scourging, the rough wood of the cross is now loaded. He takes the first stumbling steps of his way to Golgotha. He is bearing the sins of the world, the load of our guilt, of our selfishness, of the hard, cold heaviness of loveless lives.

Jesus accepts the cross


Lord Jesus, let us go with you on your journey.  
In your strength, we accept
all the sufferings, large and small,
involved in following
the path of justice, honesty and care for others.

We pray for all who are weakened in their struggle,
who are near to breaking point,
that their hope not fail
and their hearts not grow hard.

As we go with you, be with us on our different ways,
that we might meet in you, and find support in your love.

Jesus falls the first time