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Eighth Station

Jesus meets the women

Once more He hears the voice of love and tenderness. Once more it is the voice of women, mothers with children in their arms. Those who were closest to life, who knew how vulnerable and fragile our lives can be, these saw the full horror of what was taking place. He turns toward them: “Weep not for me but for yourselves and your children”.

Jesus meets the women


Lord Jesus, help us to answer the evils of our world 
with a great defiant hope,
in a strong protest
against all that is loveless, degrading and violent.
May your compassion give us the energy
to conquer hatred though the power of your love
and in all the patient works of mercy and justice.

Help us never to be so absorbed in ourselves
As to forget the sufferings of the weak and the defenceless.

Teach us your own compassion... 

Jesus falls the third time