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Bread 4 Today - A prayer app for life

Bread 4 Today The Redemptorists are pleased to announce the release of Bread 4 Today - a prayer APP for life.  It will serve as a free, accessible meditation aid which people can use to come closer to God and effect positive change in their lives and their community. Please click HERE to read today's prayer. Bread 4 Today is available on both Google Play and the App Store.



How It Works

Bread 4 Today provides access to daily prayers for reflection and meditation whenever you can spare a moment during the day.  Our prayer archive allows users to search past entries by category so that they can reflect on prayers that match their frame of mind. Its categories include: Courage, A just world, Relationships, Hope, Hard Times, Faith, Forgiveness and special intensions (calendar days of prayer and reflection). All prayers can be shared via social media with a tap of the screen, thanks to its integrated social media capabilities.

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Promotional material

If you are a member of our prayer community who would like to become more involved, an educator who would like to use B4T, or a media outlet looking for an interview, contact: Matthew Howard, Communications Officer. Redemptorists Oceania, Ph:+61 (0) 3 9816 9342   ext 102 E mail:

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