Redemptorists of Australia and New Zealand

Australia, New Zealand and Samoa

Province of Oceania

Bringing Good News to the World

Worth telling

By John Martin C.Ss.R.

Going overseas on mission has changed greatly over the years. Overseas missions sound great. They are!

We Redemptorists worked in the rubber plantations of Malaysia where we found ourselves:

  • with the Tamil people speaking their language;
  • in the towns among the poor Tamil people;
  • as parish priests and as roving preachers!

Australian Passport We tried to help the poor help themselves.

There is a saying about missions: “You go where you are wanted and you come home when you are not needed.” I went overseas in earlier times. I came back when there were plenty of Redemptorists in Asia doing the work better than I had been able to do it.

The experience of working in another culture and another language has been great. I received as much as I gave. It has helped me to understand the mystery of the other person.
On an overseas mission, if you take Jesus with you, he will probably be seen as an Aussie. When you find him in Asia he will be known as a West Asian Jew who lived our human life and died our human death. He is a great bloke and is also God. That is something worth telling others about!