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Yarra Theological UnionSt Alphonsus knew that an effective preaching of God’s word needed to appeal to both heart and mind. He encouraged his followers to expand their own hearts in prayer and broaden their minds in study.

In both who we are and what we do, Redemptorists have a mission to reveal God to the hearts and minds of people. The people likewise revitalise us as we listen to them. This unity of heart and intellect is central to our missionary vocation. St Alphonsus left Redemptorists with deep convictions about the fact that people matter. He showed us that a person’s dignity is discovered in heartfelt relationship and in searching reflection.

Not only is this union of heart and intellect invited by who we are, it is demanded by the complexity of the age in which we live, and in our integral response to that complexity.

While all Redemptorists are called to a studious life, there are in our midst confreres whose main mission has been study and teaching on behalf of the Gospel. Australian Redemptorists may be found across academia, each in their own way releasing the Gospel in people’s hearts and minds, and ultimately pointing to the renewal of culture in the name of that Gospel.

In order that missionary work may develop and be really successful, adequate knowledge and practical familiarity with conditions in the world are essential as well as co-operation within the Church. For this reason the members of the Congregation confidently engage in missionary dialogue with the world.”
- Constitutions of the Redemptorists, No. 19a.

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