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Transforming Gospel

By Bruce Duncan C.Ss.R.

Threats to human well-being continually arise – from war and hunger, the effects of global warming, pollution, or new diseases. But we also have unprecedented human and technical resources to help resolve these problems. The Gospels inspire us to see this struggle for peace and social justice as part of their core message.

However, the social implications of the Gospels have often been neglected in the past. Even today, few Catholics realise the treasures contained in the Church’s social teaching and activism, and how they can guide, energise and motivate us.

Threats to human well-beingMy work aims to explore the Church’s social traditions, to develop them where possible, and bring them into lively engagement with current social and political issues. Christ’s message was not meant to be locked in a sacristy, but to transform human relationships, and spread into every aspect of life.

Redemptorists believe that the Gospel we preach is a transforming Gospel. That is why we are happy to spend our lives on its behalf – to make a difference.

Through Yarra Theological Union in Melbourne, we offer specialised courses and degrees in many areas of social justice. We are also committed to exploring our social traditions in an ecumenical and inter-faith context, and strive to bring the various Christian social traditions into a more focused interaction.