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Publishing Mission

St Alphonsus Ligouri was a prolific writer. He wrote for others; he wrote to be published. His works have been reprinted in countless editions in numerous languages for nearly 300 years.

Alphonsus lived not long after the invention of the printing press. Consequently, he used the print medium as a means of evangelising and education masses of people he would never meet. He used it, too, as a means of encouraging devotion and prayer among people.

Redemptorists around the world have followed in Alphonsus’ footsteps and many provinces have given their energy to the publishing apostolate.

In Australia, Majellan Publications is the focus of the province’s publishing apostolate. From the Majellan offices come:

  • The Majellan, a bimonthly magazine that champions the family;
  • The Sunday Bulletin and Mass sheet that is provided weekly to parishes across the land and in New Zealand;
  • A distribution centre for other Christian literature.

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