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By Br John Baker C.SsR.

I joined Majellan Publications in 1958 and have been manager since 1965. For me as a Redemptorist Brother it has been a rewarding experience in being able to supply good Catholic materials to Australians and New Zealanders and people in many parts of the world.

Open bookWe publish The Majellan Magazine and Majellan Sunday Bulletins. We also work with Redemptorist publishers in other countries, particularly in the United States and England, to distribute various popular books and pamphlets. Our publishing continues the help offered to people in missions and other ministries.

We could not provide this service without an excellent and dedicated lay staff which we have been employing since 1964. As well as the printed word, we have produced audio and video cassettes and now offer DVDs, examining subjects such as the sacraments.

When we came to Brighton from Ballarat in 1963, all the work was performed manually. Now we have a lot of help from contemporary technology. We pray God that Redemptorist publications will in the future continue to provide a useful service for people.