Redemptorists of Australia and New Zealand

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Bringing Good News to the World

Words and pictures

By Paul Bird C.Ss.R.

The Majellan Magazine focuses on issues relating to family life. We aim to offer people encouragement in their daily living, drawing on the teaching of Christ.

Redemptorists Fr. Bruce Duncan and Fr. Paul Bird My role as editor is to see the project through, from the first stage of ideas till the final stage of having a copy of the magazine in the reader’s hands. This involves working with writers and printers as well as with the associate editor and other members of our Majellan staff.

For example, we might have an idea for an article about parents and teenagers. We arrange for someone to write the article. Then we put this together with other articles and illustrations in a way we hope is attractive for our readers.

I also edit the Majellan Sunday Bulletin, which includes a reflection on the Scripture texts for each Sunday. Most of the writers are Redemptorists and I encourage them to use simple words and tell stories and relate the message of the Scriptures to people’s lives today.

I have been involved with Majellan Publications for twenty years now. I enjoy the challenge of presenting Christ’s message in a popular style, in words and pictures.