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Their daily struggles

By Margie Ulbrick, Associate Editor

My role as Associate Editor in the Majellan publishing apostolate involves the opportunity to cover different aspects of publishing with a Christian ministry focus.

Margie Ulbrick and Fr. Paul Bird, Majellan Office, Melbourne When I first started, one of my tasks was to write letters and to answer subscribers’ queries, to offer prayer support and arrange for Masses. I learnt the value of hope and realised that these letters gave people a real sense of being cared for and supported during difficult times in their lives.

Putting The Majellan Magazine, the Majellan Sunday Bulletins and the Children’s Bulletins together involves sourcing material, editing, proof reading, collating and writing. I enjoy organising the layout and preparation of all material for publishing.

I also enjoy the opportunity to write for The Majellan. As a cousellor I am able to provide people with information on many varied topics which are of interest to couples and families. Language is a powerful vehicle to provide strength, inspiration and consolation in our Christian journey.

My hope is that the words of the Majellan speak to people in their daily struggles and shed light on the relationship between their Catholic faith and their daily lives. It is a privilege to be involved in this ministry and to be a part of this valuable work.