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We listen a lot

By Carol Bengough and Sue Wallace, Majellan Publications Staff

What do we do in the Majellan office? We do a lot!

Carol at the Majellan Offices, Melbourne, Australia One of the first tasks each morning is to sort the mail. We refer some letters to the editor. Other letters we deal with ourselves. These might be from readers renewing their subscriptions to the magazine or ordering books or paying various accounts. We also check the email and respond to people’s questions or process their orders.

  Throughout the day, we answer the phones. Many of the calls are inquiries or orders of various kinds. Sometimes those who call just want someone to listen to them for a while.

We look after the printing of envelopes and labels for the various publications that we provide. When The Majellan Magazine is to be sent out, for example, we print envelopes with the name and address of each subscriber. We enter financial transactions on the computer and check that the books are balanced at the end of each month.

One of the last tasks each year is getting ready for the staff Christmas party. After that, we have a holiday!