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Chaplaincy Mission

Fr.Joseph Mai and Br. Joseph Do on missionRedemptorists are called to be where the Church is not or where the Church is least.

In the congregation’s fledgling years, Blessed Gennaro Sarnelli was encouraged by St Alphonsus to go to such a place – to bring the Good news to the abused who were living in the back streets of Naples.

Since that time, Redemptorists have worked in all manner of settings, living out their mission among particular groups of people. We have often called this work chaplaincy, as in each case, the confreres accompany a particular group in the manner of Christ the Redeemer of humanity.

It is not uncommon for confreres to work individually as chaplains. Despite not having another confrere at their side, their mission is an extension of their Redemptorist community. In contemporary times, chaplaincy also means working in close co-operation with extended teams of co-workers in hospitals, prisons, schools and refuges, and sometimes, like Blessed Gennaro Sarnelli, on the streets themselves.

In some ways, more than other Redemptorist works, our chaplains cover a wide variety of missions. You may care to know their stories.

Our stories

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John Carnie C.Ss.R.

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Paul Pang C.Ss.R.