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Bringing Good News to the World

Always including

By Paul Pang C.Ss.R.

I am a Catholic chaplain at a large prison in Singapore In accepting this role I have grown to understand the Redemptorist imperative to be with the most abandoned.

Always including That is what I try to do. I have come to know it, in these latter years, as a way of being. It is Jesus’ way of being. No matter how black the darkness, Jesus’ way of being is always redeeming, always including, always lifting everyone to God. My mission challenges me to that way of being.

Sometimes it is taxing and tests the emotions, but it is always about people, the inmates and the prison staff.

The Good News reaches into every corner of this world and prisons are no exception. I have witnessed the power of the Good News transform lives and open them up to a human grandeur that is pure grace. Such is the power of the Gospel.

One example of this was the action of the Gospel in the life of our brother Caleb Van Tuong Nguyen. If you would care to read my words on the occasion of his untimely death, you may do so by following this link: Van Tuong Nguyen.