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God’s respect and courtesy towards every human person underpinned the life and mission of St Alphonsus. That is why the wise saint and doctor of the Church had little time for religion or religious practices that did not take the dignity of persons into account.

Education in the faith St Alphonsus’ long hours of study and writing sprang from his dedication to the dignity of persons and his realisation of God’s love for them. He knew that each person’s dignity deserved the very best understandings and presentation of the Gospel. There were no short cuts because short cuts would insult the intelligence of the people, whether they were schooled or unschooled. More importantly, short cuts would demean their dignity.

  Adult education in the faith is like the air we breathe for Redemptorists. It is part of our lives and growth and it is part of our mission. Not uncommonly, the most popular sessions on parish missions were not the large sermons at night, but the small instructions in the mornings. Today, in a fast moving world, the place of adult education in our mission assumes a higher profile. It has become a central tool in evangelisation.

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