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Faith in our Time

Faith is a journey in time, in our own lives, and in the lives of all God’s people. It is like that in every age and culture. Not only is faith in time, it also takes time.

“Faith in our Time” is an adult education process for rural parishes. It has its roots in the parish mission tradition of the Australian and New Zealand Redemptorists.
Faith is an adventure “Faith in our Time” (FIOT) is a process designed to enliven the faith of the local community. It allows people to feel the Gospel for the Good News it is. It aims to give the faithful a new faith language engendering in them hope and apostolic charity.

On a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis the community gathers, with a Redemptorist missionary, to explore their lives and faith.  

“Faith in our Time” is evangelisation through adult education. It is an opportunity to receive afresh the Good News from God in Christ.

You can learn more about “Faith in our Time” from this site or by contacting us.

Please keep our mission in your prayers.