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As a programme, FIOT is made available at particular places at particular times for a particular duration. Usually the Redemptorist leading the programme would be available in a particular venue for one day per week over four or five weeks or as arranged.


As a process, FIOT takes people from where they are to a deeper understanding of their faith.


FIOT is designed for each parish, region or deanery that wishes to take part. No community is too small or too distant; no region or deanery too far-flung.

Frequency and choice

Eucharistic community, Caroona, NSW

People are invited to take part in a FIOT session once each week, once each fortnight or once each month according to the arrangements with the parish, region or deanery. Though there will usually be more than one session during the week or fortnight or month, people need only come to one. They are able to choose the time and venue that best suits them and their families. The process is repeated the following week or fortnight or month in a way that people come to a total of four or five sessions.


FIOT sessions take place morning, afternoon or evening in the same venue or in various venues across the parish, region or deanery. For example, in a large parish, sessions may be held in up to three venues per day. Parishioners would only come to one of those sessions, the one that best suited them. Throughout a region, sessions may be held in different towns or communities in the morning, afternoon and evening, and in different parts of the region on different days of the week. Through a region there could be10 to 14 sessions per week, with the people choosing just one session.

Where people may have to travel quite large distances, it is possible to have a FIOT day.
These can be family days with sessions for the adults and activities for children. If held on a Saturday or Sunday, the Sabbath Eucharist is also included. That allows people to come out once only. Such a day may have two morning sessions for adults, lunch, and an afternoon session for adults ending with Eucharist, BBQ and celebration.

FIOT sessions can be held in the church, the parish hall, school library, club, pub, public hall or in other suitable venues. Venues that ensure reasonable comfort and which invite a spirit of mutuality are the most suitable.


FIOT is ideally suited to ecumenical co-operation and participation should a parish desire it to be so.