Redemptorists of Australia and New Zealand

Australia, New Zealand and Samoa

Province of Oceania

Bringing Good News to the World


Planning over easy conversationA typical FIOT programme might look like this (an example only):

  • It covers a region or deanery
  • It is on a weekly cycle for four or five weeks
  • People attend any one session in the region each week, a total of four or five sessions in all.

Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, (5).

Morning Venue 1 Magpie Town (large town)
Afternoon Venue 2 Gully’s End (small town)
Evening Venue 1 Magpie Town (large town)
Morning Venue 3 Wingi (small town)
Afternoon Venue 4 Silverfield (large town)
Evening Venue 4 Silverfield (large town)
Morning Venue 5 Dry Creek (small town)
Afternoon Venue 6 Wombatville (small town)
Evening Venue 7 Poppy Town (small town)
Morning Venue 8 Manden (large town)
Afternoon Venue 9 Yendys (small town)
Evening Venue 8 Manden (large town)
Morning Venue 10 Gibber Plains (small town)
  • A total of 13 session in 10 venues each week (people attend any one session)
  • A total of 52 sessions in 10 venues for a four-week programme (people attend four sessions)
  • A total of 65 sessions in 10 venues for a five-week programme (people attend five sessions)

* This is only a sample. “Faith in our Time” is designed for each occasion.