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The topics for “Faith in our Time” can be arranged for particular communities or parishes or regions.
The most popular topics are these:

  • ‘God in Time’
  • ‘Jesus in his Time’ (part 1)
  • The breaking of the bread‘Jesus in his Time’ (part 2)
  • ‘The World at this Time’
  • ‘Being Human at this Time’
  • ‘The Fragments of Life in Every Time’
  • ‘Time for Relationship’
  • ‘A Just Time’
  • ‘Work Time’
  • ‘Ecological Time’
  • ‘Eucharist Time’

The following quote from the Catechism of the Catholic Church reveals the spirit behind “Faith in our Time”.

The desire for God is written in the human heart, because we are created by God and for God; and God never ceases to draw humanity to himself. Only in God will humanity find the truth and happiness for which we never stop searching: 'Human dignity rests above all on the fact that we are called to communion with God. This invitation to converse with God is addressed to humanity as soon as we come into being. For if humanity exists at all, it is because God has created us through love, and through love continues to hold us in existence. We cannot live fully according to truth unless we freely acknowledge that love and entrust ourselves to our creator. (Vatican II, GS 19, 1)
- Catechism of the Catholic Church, No. 2