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Woman reading magazineConsider this page your reading room.  You are welcome back anytime to check for fresh articles and to read them at your leisure.  The Redemptorists would hope that the articles here will be of interest to you.  If you would like to know more about these articles or to be considered for publication on this page, kindly contact us at

The renewed relevance of Paul VI

Paul VI has been almost forgotten in the public mind, except perhaps for his 1968 letter on human life and marriage, Humanae Vitae. Few people today will have read what he intended as an inspiring reflection on human love and relationships, and know only that he finally said no to contraceptive methods of birth control. 

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There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around...

The first was that of Sixtus the Fifth, in 1587 – it laid the foundations of the modern Curia.  It introduced the system of cardinalitial congregations.  It set up a bureaucracy charged with government – the temporal government of the Pontifical States and the spiritual government of the Church.  This network characterised the Curia until the modern epoch.

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Lent - invitation to reality

One thing that humans know about themselves is that they respond well to periodic (for example annual) practices that have merit in themselves, have practical and symbolic benefits for those who practice them, and have similar benefits for the world at large. Examples would include more real prayer, fasting, abstinence, and a deeper awareness of others that engenders appropriate responses – visiting the sick, protecting outcasts. But it remains true that today, on the broad plains of Western culture, the old Lenten practices don’t seem to have quite the same bite they used to.

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For thinking Catholics, thinking religious

“Tensions and differences should be expected among thinking Catholics” says Redemptorist bishop Kevin Dowling. In a recent piece published in the January 11, 2010, issue of the National Catholic Reporter. Bishop Dowling of the diocese of Rustenburg, South Africa, explores the place of prophetic leadership in the Church.

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Superior General’s Letter

Fr. Michael Brehl, C.Ss.R. was elected the Redemptorist Superior General on November 4, 2009. He is a Canadian from the province of Edmonton-Toronto.

On November 15, 2009 Fr. Brehl wrote to the members of the Congregation and its co-workers on mission. The main tenure of his letter was to notify everyone of the main directions and outcomes from the General Chapter which met in Rome, October-November, 2009, and which elected Fr. Brehl. Kindly click below for full letter.

Superior General’s Letter

Courage for Mission

Whatever a person’s calling in life, inevitably there are moments that ask of them courage and perseverance. How many married people have had a moment when they felt like walking out and closing the door? How many parents raising demanding teenagers have felt unappreciated, a failure, and alone?

Missionaries have moments like that too. Sisters, priests and brothers sometimes feel on the outside, cut off from the people whom they serve. At some time most will feel alone or unappreciated. I know this because I too have felt it, at least sometimes.

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World Environment Day

June 5 is World Environment Day. For 37 years the United Nations has invited people to stop on this day, take account of the environment, and make a decision to support it.

An awareness of the environment is at the heart of the Judeo-Christian faith tradition. True, there have been times when Jews and Christians did not fully appreciate this part of their faith. It is also true that in the name of their faith they sometimes abused the environment. Today is a new day. People of faith know it. The world knows it.

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Redemptor Hominis

March 4 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the release of John Paul II’s first Encyclical in 1979.

John Paul II’s First Encyclical - 30 Years On

By Anthony Kelly, C.Ss.R. STD,

When “The Redeemer of Man” (hereafter, RM) appeared thirty years ago, Redemptorists, as their name would imply, could not but be interested in its message.  As we see now, looking back after these three decades, this first encyclical was to a large degree a first run at many of the themes that John Paul II would constantly visit during his long pontificate.  As with so many of his encyclicals, there was something here for everyone: a piercing criticism of contemporary culture, an emphasis on human rights, a recognition of ecological responsibility, the imperatives of ecumenism, evangelisation, and much else.

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Homily for 9/11

Edmond Nixon, C.Ss.R

If one grew up on the Canterbury Plains under the eye of the Southern Alps, or by the rolling green hills of the North Island, and knew its bays and primal energies, I’m sure in some quiet place of the heart, there would be a likely hope that one’s final resting place would be under the soft light of the Long White Cloud.

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Fifteen years among the tribal Filipinos

Peter Robb. CSsR

In 1973 I had a severe attack of Typhoid Fever, was hospitalised in San Juan de Dios hospital, 15 minutes down the road from Baclaran.  Quarantine was rigid.  However, a Philippine Bishop, a good friend, visited me, clad in special garb, with a nurse, likewise clad, and spraying their solemn entrance.  He told me about 150 families resettled in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains.  
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