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Children in detention digital resource kit

October 24th marks the beginning of Children’s week in Australia. During this time we pay homage to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a revolutionary document which has helped change the way we view and treat Children. Since the ratification of this convention there has been much to celebrate, from declining infant mortality rates to rising school enrolment. While these successes give us hope, there are still sometimes dire challenges facing children around the world today.

The most recent data shows that there are 197 children in detention, 104 in Australia and 93 on Nauru, in addition to the 405 children who are in community detention in Australia. On Thursday October 29th please join us in a Day of Solidarity to bring attention to these innocent children held in detention.  The theme of the day will be: “Mr Turnbull, kids should be free to… #KidsOut”. Please share your messages on social media using the hashtag #KidsOut.


Children in detention websites & articles


Please consider sharing one of these images with the hashtag #KidsOut


  1.  Reading up on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child via or the Forgotten Children’s Report detailing findings on children in detention 
  2. Use the #KidsOut on social media to share your message or send it to Turnbull’s office if possible: PO Box 545, Edgecliff, NSW 2027
  3. Take your work and ideas with friends/fellow supporters to your local federal MP’s office as a delegation!

For more suggested actions please download the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre #Kidsout PDF by clickig HERE

Carolyn Creswell's call to PM Turnbull - Kids Week 2015