Advent 2009

December 2 - Wednesday of the first week in Advent

Today's thought

Adam knew she was the one.  So a little while into their relationship he took Rachel to dinner.  He had asked around about a good restaurant. After checking out the top three on his list he decided on a fine seafood restaurant called “Oceania”. 

On the big night, looking elegant and joyful, the two of them sat down together. The service was reserved but superb. Each course that arrived at their table was beyond their imagination, each one overflowing with subtle flavours and textures that blended the meal into a single experience.  Though Adam and Rachel were not familiar with the Church’s sacraments, they both knew in their hearts that their meal together was more than a meal. It was a sacrament enfolding their deepest hopes for life.


On this mountain, the Lord of hosts will prepare for all peoples a banquet of rich food, a banquet of fine wines, of food rich and juicy, of fine strained wines. On this mountain he will remove the mourning veil covering all peoples, and the shroud enwrapping the nations, he will destroy death for ever
- Isaiah 25:6-8a


Raise our hearts and minds, O God, that we may understand that life is more than our eyes can see. May awareness fill our every gesture so that our deeds may blossom with respect and overflow with love. May all humanity sit down together in justice and peace and give you glory through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Poetry extract 

Presence, in calm moments
You keep reminding me
Of that great promise –
Christ will never leave us orphans,
He will send the Spirit
- From “Presence XII” in the Presence Poems by Brother Xavier, FMS