Advent 2009

December 14 – Monday, Feast of St. John of the Cross

Today's thought

Jasmine and Toby had had a blow-up when they came home from work. They were just so busy they had little time for one another.  Each was aware of this but felt trapped. It was easy to blame the other for the way things were going. Here context is everything, and for Jasmine and Toby the context of their quarrelling was their not making time for each other.

Toby found some space by walking up the street to get a large take-out pizza. But that night they did not eat together. Jasmine took her pizza into the den and did a few things on the computer. Toby took his to the lounge and watched the TV news. It is almost impossible for persons to eat together when there is something between them. Context is everything!

The Advent liturgies provide the followers of Christ with context for their lives. In short, they tell them life is all God’s work. In that sense they invite people to lighten-up. They encourage people to receive the gift and let go. And Advent says, “If in the end you want to do something, just be grateful.” In turn the context of gratefulness will likely bring about justice, love, respect and forgiveness.


Lord, make me know your ways.
Lord, show me your paths.
- Psalm 24:4


God of the universe, in your ongoing act of creation everything springs from your love. May that truth underpin our days so that we might respond to your love with thankful hearts. Heal our seriousness, lighten our ways, and put a song on our lips. We ask you this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Poetry extract 

But when we walked your sand, saw our tracks
disappear in your rolling wetness, jumped
at your edges until your salt-breath pumped
our lungs free of any clouded, clogging notion
that we could freeze or frame your motion.
- From “Reviewing the Sea” by Al Young