Advent 2010

December 10 – Friday of the second week in Advent

Thought for today

The 6.59 am. out of Eden’s Landing was Andy’s preferred commuter train into the city. He would arrive at the station about 6.45, buy a paper and coffee, then settle into his seat in the third carriage. One Thursday, rather than read he looked dreamily out the window and was entranced by the graffiti on the walls. Only trouble was, Andy couldn’t decipher most of what it was saying.

That got him thinking.  I wonder if others can decipher the writing on the wall.  Then as he looked around the carriage he realised some actually didn’t even see it. Their heads were buried in computers or books. Andy began to think of the more metaphorical ‘writings on the wall’. For example:

  • the writing on the wall about the environment.
  • the writing on the wall about food security and hunger.
  • the writing on the wall about politics
  • the writing on the wall about religion
  •  the writing on the wall about happiness and development

As he often did approaching Roma Street, Andy prayed for a blessed day. And that Thursday he prayed that he might be able to read the ‘writing on the wall’.


I lead you in the way you must go.  If only you had been alert to my commandments, your happiness would have been like a river, your integrity like the waves of the sea.
- Isaiah 48:17c-18


Lord of all, you shower the world with your love. Inspire us to walk the way of Jesus. Through our listening to him and through our studying the signs of the times make us stewards of the earth. May our care for creation adound to your glory.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Poetry extract 

But I am tired of my eyes glazing
When I read,
The sick light that seems to fall
Over everything. What I want now
Is a sustained chord in my belly,
The uncoiling of the secret
Deep within my muscles. What I want now
Is to rise with these notes
And keep rising
-  From ‘Piano Concert’ by Cornelius Eady
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